Welcome! I’m a writer, a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and a former foster parent. I hope you find something here that moves, informs, or entertains you. Please visit Writing & Projects to see my work and find me on Twitter @whalesfordays. Thank you for visiting!

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Writing & Projects


How to Grieve, Pidgeonholes, November 2020

Quiteña Etymologies, PANK Magazine, August 2020

Two Poems, Entropy, May 2019

Interruption, Literary Mama, January 2018

You, Hiding, The Threepenny Review, Winter 2017

Two Bikes, Mothers Always Write, October 2017

After a Long Journey, Rattle: Poets Respond, March 2017

Beat Wild, Gravel, February 2017


Foster parenting broke our hearts – and we’d do it all over again, Motherly, November 2018

Conscious Un-Parenting, Mothers Always Write, July 2017

April Showers, Mothers Always Write, May 2017

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